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rooty soil

manchester, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently moved and started to do the garden for the summer.The garden was very over grown and there were a lot of old dead leaves.I have dug up some plants mainly dandi lions ivy and some blue bells that were growing wild only to notice that there are a lot of roots in the soil. I wanted to plant some seeds and other plants I have brought from the garden centre. Would it be ok to do this in this rooty soil?



Hi Abby jean without knowing what the roots are of it is difficult to answer but you will certainly need to clean dig an area befor you can sow seed into it.

3 May, 2009


I'd be very nervous about sowing seeds here! It will be very hard to get up any weeds that have grown from existing roots where there are seedings trying to establish themselves.It won't take long for you to know if anything is going to grow back.

3 May, 2009

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