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we purchased hyacinths in a container for the spring and the plants are now done. the leaves have pods on them and we assume they have seeds in them. can we plant them in dirt for next spring, or do we need to do something else? The bulbs we are saving to plant in the fall.



It depends partly on where in the States you live, Mary. In USDA zone 9b or warmer, Hyacinths can be difficult, because it isn't cold enough in the winter for their liking, and the summer soil temps are frequently too high. Anywhere else in the States, they are fairly easy, though they may need some afternoon shade in areas with hot summers, such as eastern Oregon. You might want to plant the bulbs now, because they store better in the soil than out. As for the seeds, you could plant them in the fall, as long as you remember that it will be at least 5 years before the seedlings bloom! Even the bulbs might skip blooming next spring, since being forced in a pot takes a lot out of the bulb.

27 May, 2012

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