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Ihave a collection of Streptocarpus now in flower when can i start to take cuttings



You can do it now. If you find a healthy leaf, you can do it in two different ways. The way I do it is to cut down both sides of the middle vein and insert both sides, cut side down into some compost in a small container in fine multi purpose compost, cover with a plastic see through lid or plastic bag, and leave somewhere warm. in about six weeks you will see little plants emerging all along the leaf. Don't let it dry out, but please do not overwater. Best to mist with a fine spray if it looks dry.

The other way is to cut the leaf into sections and put each piece into the compost, then cover as above.
Good luck.

25 May, 2012


On a similar subject Cinders, you being an expert ;o)) do you have any tips for propagating from seeds?

I have just bought some, and the instructions on the packet are pretty good, but I thought before I sow them, you might have some tips up your sleeve to supplement the info on the packet....Tg

Sorry memo for high jacking your thread, but as it was on a similar theme I thought we both might learn something more about propagatings streps.

25 May, 2012


I wouldn't class myself as an expert Teegee, but I have been doing it for a number of years. To be honest I haven't had a lot of success with seed. I just scatter it on the top of some fine compost and cover it, leaving it in a warm room. It usually germinates ok, but the resulting germination is so small you have a job to see it. The actual seed is like dust. I am trying again at the moment, looks like I have quite a few but the next stage I feel will be tricky. I spray them so they don't dry out. If you sow seed from one of your own Streps they don't all come true, but its interesting. Perhaps I will take a pic of mine for you to see what I do. PM me if you have any problems I will try to help

26 May, 2012


Teegee, I have just put a blog on with pictures for you to see how I do it.

26 May, 2012


Thanks for the info on my Streps will aked on it straight away

27 May, 2012

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