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This is actually a question regarding my neighbour's beech hedging. A south east facing hedge that runs for about 20 or so metres and now in full leaf. Over the last week or so, the leaves along the bottom length of the bush have turned brown and died yet the rest of the hedge looks perfectly healthy.
When discussuing this recently at a local garden centre, my neighbour was told that this may be due to the recent cold spell and overnight frosts. As it was so early in the season, she was told to apply blood, fish and bone fertilizer and new growth should come back.
Any advice or observations would be gratefully received. Thank you!



That strip of tarmac or hard surfacing I can see in the first photo - is that a public walkway? If so, is it possible the Council have come along with their weedkiller kit and sprayed to control weed growth? Because that's what it reminds me of - spray drift or application to the lower part of the plants.

25 May, 2012


Yes, looks like a spray drift as it has only hit the lower, and outside leaves. It could also be the result of winter salting of a walkway or road.

25 May, 2012


I think weedkiller spray as the leaves look like this years growth and not ones from last year still on the Beech, so salt will not be an issue.

26 May, 2012


Thanks to you all for your feedback. I'll pass it on to my neighbour. I must admit that I've never seen the council out here spraying weeds as we are quite rural and in these days of cost cutting, I think our verges may be the least of their problems! They do have a gardener so I'll see if he has been spraying near to the hedge.
Enjoy the sunshine and thanks again ;-)

26 May, 2012


If that is a road, then salt spray during winter may well be the problem.

27 May, 2012

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