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can i grow tomatoes with red peppers


By Mags44

United Kingdom Gb

new to growing thought i would start with toms. i have some red peppers to can i grow them together can anyone advice thanks mags



do you mean in the same grow bag? I dont think it would be a good idea as the tom will grow a lot bigger. if you are putting them in the ground/separate gb, as near neighbours the dont see a problem. just watch out for shading etc.
welcome to GoY too

29 Apr, 2009


yes i was going to put them together in same growing bag but i won t do that now thanks for advice. i have just bought one of those litte plastic greenhouses to see if i get into it if i do i will get aproper one next year. as i have bought a red pepper plant and i cant put it with the toms will it be safe to grow outside or in my concervatory

30 Apr, 2009


better in a conservatory unless you are down south. make sure you 'anchor' your greenhouse down as they can blow over quite easily and then your efforts will be wasted.

30 Apr, 2009


thank you seaburn girl i will keep the peppers in the conservatory i am in north west so have secured it wll i hope thanks again mags

1 May, 2009

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