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Gardening in Las Vegas

I am moving into a new home that has a couple of garden areas. The problem is I live in the Las Vegas, so in these areas there is no soil, just rocks, sand and gravel. The previous owners had plants and flowers growing but those plants have since died. How will I be able to fix or even grow gardens with just rock and gravel? And what kind of plants and flowers would grow best in a dry desert climate? I'm tight on money, but is there anyway i could save these gardens?



This is a tough one Eva and right now I don't have an answer. Will have a think and get back to you.

24 Apr, 2008


You can always plant in tubs or raised beds. We saw wonderful planting at some of the hotels in Las Vegas. There are a lot of very attractive cacti which need very little to grow on or in.

24 Apr, 2008


Cactus or succulent plants are the best for your conditions. These type of plants love poor conditioned soil/sand and will thrive in the heat as they store moisture in their chunky leaves. Look at the plants that grow in Arizona on the internet, Nevada is pretty close in conditions and there are plenty of plants thet you will be able to grow. Look at plants that thrive in Africa like lampranthus and mesembryanthemum. Also the succulent alpines variety of plants will also thrive. If you want foliage look for plants with grey and fury/hairy foliage, they also thrive in these conditions.
Have a search on the internet for Arizona horticulture, Nevada horticulture, dry sandy conditions, succulent, alpine, African desert plants. You will have a lot to research but it will be fun, and many of these can be grown from seed so that will keep the cost down. They don't need too much water and will wilt when they need a drop. If you want more green, vibrant foliage then try growing a few specimen plants in pots like palms, bananas, cannas and even tomatoes!! These will need more water but will love the warm conditions. The cannas and bananas can be split into several plants so you can save some pennies (sorry cents) that way.

24 Apr, 2008


I think you need to decide whether you're going to fight nature or work with it. Plenty of people have beautiful lawns and borders in Nevada - because they buy in soil and make heavy use of their sprinklers. No wonder Lake Mead is emptying faster than it fills :)

To work with the environment you have, I'd suggest looking at the desert around you. I've been to Nevada a couple of times, and I was struck by how much plant life there actually is in the desert. It's far from being just sand like 'Lawrence of Arabia'. So take your cues from that - grasses and cactii.

You must see impressive desert gardens around the area -- copy them!

I've just peeked on Amazon and found there's a book called "Month by Month Gardening in the Deserts of Nevada".

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your photos!

24 Apr, 2008


2006 We had a marvellous holiday on touring Grand Canyan short stay veas then back to San Fransisco .I think everyone has said it.

And there an so many beautiful grasses .

Good luck Eva wil be back to check out your photos.

24 Apr, 2008


Damn computer!! Sorry

25 Apr, 2008


So good it did it twice!! Sorry

25 Apr, 2008


Well I had a thought or two but the others beat me to it lol Great advice from all and all my suggestions are included above. Good luck

25 Apr, 2008


I know you've had this question on for a while but I'll put my tuppenceworth in any way, for a start have you noticed how no matter where we come from we all envy each others growing conditions and weather? but I'll tell you I would die for the opportunity to grow aloes and agaves to the dimensions you would be able to achieve, and as said previously there are plenty of really nice grasses that thrive in your climate, you could probably sit and watch a citrus tree growing before your eyes, you can plant fig trees which like impoverished soil, olive trees, cordylines, yuccas, jade plants, and a world of cacti out there waiting for you to plant, you are very lucky

25 Nov, 2008

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