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I need to find a suitable plant for shaded area.

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I have an area in which I would like to plant a shrub, this area is behind a north facing wall, very shaded. I would prefer something which will attract birds and have berries on later



Hollies will fruit in shade, choose a variegated one to really shine out. Garrya elliptica is great on a north wall. It has evergreen leaves and long yellow/grey tassels around Christmas and through winter. No berries though. Chaenomeles are very colourful at the moment and I have one on a north wall (next to the Garrya!) they come in red, white or pink shades and can be pruned to stay within bounds.

27 Apr, 2009


The Butchers Broom (Ruscus aculeatus) is a good one. It's evergreen, has berries and flowers appear actually in the middle of the leaves (although they're not actually leaves, they're flattened stems).

27 Apr, 2009


Another one to consider is Pyracanthia. It is also evergreen, has white flowers, followed by red or orange berries, depending on which one you buy. I've bought the "firethorn" as I wanted the red berries, which the birds are more attracted to than the orange., Sorry, I've just realised you said a shrub! But you could grow the climber and have a shrub in front, lol!!

27 Apr, 2009


My Pyracanthas (one red, one orange) are actually at the back of my shrub bed and are growing quite wide, so you could get away with one of those maybe.

27 Apr, 2009

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