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How to take a Berberis juliana cutting?

Kent, United Kingdom

Hi All,
Does anyone know how to take a cutting off the Berberis Juliana Plant ( other than very carefully)

On plant Berberis



Wait until it has finished flowering and is producing new growth then you can take a cutting from the young wood. Snip a bit off under a leaf node about 3 - 4 leaf nodes down, remove all the bottom leaves and place on the edge of a pot full of gritty compost, water well and cover with a clear plastic bag and hold secure with an elastic band.

1 May, 2009


Thank you for the reply Andreantichter and for the advice.

1 May, 2009


Hi, I saw this answer and think you will like it....
Hi! You need to take semi-hardwood cuttings for best chance of success. From this seasons growth around mid July - early Autumn, select a lateral shoot and prune off. Do this in the early morning if you can as the plant is full of water then. Pot up right away is best but if you can't then make sure you keep the cutting moist and cool.
The cutting needs to be around 4-6" long. Remove the leaves from the lower third to half of the cutting then plant up to this depth in your compost. Water in well then leave to settle in until the Spring then pot up or plant out as you need.
Good luck

Questions: Do we add root-starter compound to the cutting?
Do we refrigerate the cutting, or what is defined as "cool place"?
What is "compost" and what is the pH range for this rooting medium?
How quick should the initial cutting to plant in compost take? Or is that important?

Please Help... Cthegreat1

1 Mar, 2010

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