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Yesterday I bought this beautiful flower - Platycodon - and I was informed, that I can plant it in the garden for safe. However, there are not so many data on suitable type of soil and location (label on it states sunny or semishade place). Does somebody have experience?

Platycodon_001 Platycodon_003



Self seeds all over my gravel garden. So it grows in well drained , not particularly rich, probably compacted soil with no trouble. Seriously, it just needs a good well drained soil in a sunny position. Remember to mark its position, it comes up late and disappears almost as soon as it has finished flowering.

4 May, 2012


It's a member of the Campanulaceae family and as Owdb says self seeds readily.

4 May, 2012


Thank you very much for your recommendations and comments :)

4 May, 2012


Isn't it lovely - never seen a campanula I didn't fall for. Hope it does well for you.

4 May, 2012

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