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Making hanging baskets lighter?

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I take it you are referring to polystyrene 'peanut' shapes? If so they are great in the bottom of large pots for cutting down weight and the need for too much soil/compost. Don't know whether I would use them in a hanging basket though as it's such a small space anyway to feed lots of plants.
What type of plants are you planning to have in your basket?

23 Apr, 2008


hi Fancy, i did a blog not so long ago on how to make a good hanging basket, what is the reason you need to cut down on the wieght? is it because you have a very large basket, limited space, or not sure that what you are hanging it on will hold the wieght? i'm affaid i agree with Maple, you are better off if your hanging basket is on the heavy side, and maximum space for compost, any polystyrene put in the bottom will not only make it light wieght but also aid drainage - not really something you would want in a summer basket, a sucessuful summer baskets needs to be able to hold the moisture in. but as maple has said that will depend on what you are planing to plant in it, you might get away with succulents like this, but then they are quite heavy plants when established and would kind of defeat the object. summer bedding such as pertunia, lobillia, fuchsia, geranium etc, really do need as much compost as they can get, and plenty of mositure - i would strongly advise against adding any type of polystyrene in the bottom. also the size of your basket is big factor, - i never use anything under 14" as they dry out too quickly. if you are talking about a really big basket, hense the reason for the need to make it lighter, then any type of polystyrene will do the job quite effectively obviously broken into small chunks, and i would also part line the bottom with plastic, and include some slow relase feed, and water retaining gel to help retain moisture, and neutriants and you have more chance of getting away with it without endless watering day and night. but if you are talking about a basket of 14" or less i really would'nt go there, you will never be able to keep up with the watering and the plants wont be able to do there best for you! have a look at my blog theres lots of useful tips for baskets on there. hope this helps regards Angie.

23 Apr, 2008

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