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What is the best thing to get rid of little orange Lilly bugs



Hi there, If you can catch them.....squash them hard!

2 May, 2012


Pick them off with your fingers and either stamp on or squash...

2 May, 2012


My neighbour sprays his plants with a dilution of washing up liquid and swears it keeps them away. He certainly had lovely lilies last year while mine were being decimated!

2 May, 2012


Thank you everyone for your replies



3 May, 2012


unfortunately the lily beetle is rather clever. You may catch one, but when they are under threat, they emit a high pitched screech that alarms all the others. They fall to the soil belly up, with soil coloured bellies. Best thing is to place a layer of pale coloured material, old sheet, outside of compost bag, anything that enables you to place around your lily stems and see the fallen critters. then dispose of or torture, Your choice.
But when getting rid of the adults, check the underneath of leaves. Small orangey red eggs may be stuck to the leaves. wipe them off or squish. The small grubs are gruesome, they cover themselves in their own excretia and look like a blob of bird poo. Remove these too.

4 May, 2012


Thank you, all advice helps

4 May, 2012

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