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Those pesky Aphids again!!!! I have a plant that I think is a weed thats come up in my garden it looks kind of like a strawberry leaves. I've just been pottering and discovered that it's crawling with aphids!!! However the plants that I have purposely planted appear to be clear of any infestation should I get rid of the crawling plant or leave it as a distraction technique and hope the aphids just stay on there? I have a greenfly killer solution but I really don't like the warnings and ingredients, and as I have bees nesting in the garden I dont want to cause them any harm, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated xxx



If you are sure it is a weed then simply bin it. A photo would help us to advise you, just add to your existing question.

2 May, 2012


The weed sounds like a Geum, It might have small yellow flowers held up well above the crown. Unless you have planted a Geum, get it out and thus removing the aphids. I would be more inclined to move it. All those aphids that are born 'pregnant'. They will quickly spread when they have sucked out all the sap available from the first plant and will quickly move onto the next meal.

4 May, 2012

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