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Potentilla variety

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I'm looking for a Potentilla variety that grows tall with a single stem, almost like a mini-tree. I've seen a specimen nearby which has yellow flowers and is about a metre high. Can you identify potential varieties?
Thanks for your response. The 2 specimens I've seen are deffinitely Potentillas, probably Fruticosa. They must have been trained. I'm looking for varieties of tall growing potentilla colours to go into my front garden where they can pretty much look after themselves. It is my favourite shrub.



No potentilla grows tall with a single stem - the one you've seen has either been cut by the owner to form a straight stem with the growth on top, or more likely, has managed to get hold of a standard form of the plant, where its been grafted onto a single stem. I've never seen one for sale anywhere though. If its got yellow flowers, its probably Potentilla fruticosa, but seems far too early for that to be in flower. Are you certain its a Potentilla?

28 Apr, 2012

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