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My garden is on a bank of sandstone so I assume it's acid. Can I put something into the soil to grow some alkaline plants? I have a lilac to plant out, will it grow in my soil?



Have you had the soil tested?

I would have thought your soil is more likely be alkaline!

I might be wrong but the only sure way to find this out is to do a test.

You can buy reasonably priced testing kits from most garden centres.

26 Apr, 2012


I too would have thought that on sandstone your soil would be neutral to alkaline not acidic.

27 Apr, 2012


Agree - its hard to be certain, but sandy soil is usually more alkaline.

27 Apr, 2012


Thanks for the advice it is most helpful. The reason I thought it was acid soil is because the neighbours all seem to have heathers and small conifer type plants. The lawn is full of small wildflowers, lichen type plants, no dandelions and the grass doesn't grow very much.
It is on a red sand bank.

27 Apr, 2012


You can get a pH metre quite cheaply from garden centres. You just push the prongs into the ground and read off the results on the metre. Then you'd have something definite to go on. If the neighbour's heathers are summer flowering then it does sound like quite acid, but the winter flowering ones are much more tolerant.

27 Apr, 2012


Een summer flowering heathers will grow happily if the soil is near neutral. If your neighbours are growing rhododendrons then you probably do have acidic soil.

28 Apr, 2012


Thanks everyone.I'll buy a ph meter tomorrow.

28 Apr, 2012

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