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By Nelke

Germany De

This plant I took from a stone´s hole last year. The stone lay in the full sun, the shallow hole was containing rain-water, but falls dry in times, of course. I settled it in my "swamp"-pot, it grows quickly. Is it a saxifrage?




I don't think so Nelke. I've just googled for it and page after page, none of them have the same shape foliage. Yours sure looks like a succulent. There are some members here who specilise in succulents, perhaps they will notice your question. Has it flowered yet? Most saxifrages I saw had flowers, lovely ones too. Google a bit and you will see what I mean. Hit the google images button.

25 Apr, 2009


No i don't think its a saxifrage either, i agree about it looking like a succulent though.

25 Apr, 2009


I would say definitely not a saxifrage - succulent yes but no idea which one

25 Apr, 2009


looks like a lampranthus but can't be sure :o)

25 Apr, 2009


is it one of the stonecrops. they are a succulent and have long swollen fat sausage shaped leaves.

25 Apr, 2009


I think it is a Stonecrop (Sedum) but certainly an unusual one. Until it flowers we cant be sure if Delosperma or Sedum... If Delosperma it will have a daisy type flower. If Sedum a starry flower with few petals.

25 Apr, 2009

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