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What variety?


By Bedgar

bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought another plant from Lidl, £1.94, called (only) SOLANUM. The carton shows dark green leaves, small pinkish flowers, and a mass of fruits like brown eggs, with smudgy brown streaks running from their tops. It ismeant to be kept in a pot. Any clues as to variety, please?



The other name is potateo vine, blue flowers. That was my first thought, but looking through one of my books there are several different ones.
It could be Italian jasmin as this has blue, purple, pink or white flowers.
Anyway, some are evergreen, some are shrubs some are climbers. All seem to be frost tender, and require full sun, in well drained soil. Thin out crowded growth and propagate by seed or semi ripe cuttings. All parts and fruits can cause discomfort if ingested.

You might have to wait until it flowers. Hope this helps.

23 Apr, 2009


Can you post a photo of the carton/plant?

23 Apr, 2009

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