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II have a flowering currant which started to bud earlier this year which then was caught in the frost. There is now no green growth or flowers when usually it is beautiful. Does this mean that the bush is dead


By Morag

United Kingdom Gb

I may have included my details in the question My flowering currant has usually flowered and should have lovely green foliage by now It was caught in the frost after starting to bud and now looks as it does in winter Is it dead or will it grow again next year?



it should grow again. Snip off the dead bits, this is what they call die back. You probably wont get any flowers this year but it should be ok for next.

How old is it and how big?

23 Apr, 2009


sorry for not replying before now But also thanx for your answer to my problem The bush is maybe about eight years maybe more years old It's against a fence so it's widest part is maybe 2m and about 1.5m tall once again thanx so much.Do you have any tips for eliminating slugs but not pellets cos I have cats

8 May, 2009


The only thing I have used is Slug it. As it is organically friendly, it is a liquid you add to water. If you add to much your plants such as Hostas will have white rain drip marks, so mix it weak.
Any good garden centre should sell it.

8 May, 2009


thank you so much I'll try it

12 May, 2009

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