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glyphosate - or removing top layer of lawn

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My garden is full of pot holes and weeds - there are parts that are fine - do I remove the whole top layer and then lay turf or am i better to use glyphosate and then rotovate it back into the lawn - help



I wouldn't rotivate a lawn that has had weeds in; each weed will not have arrived alone, there will be more seeds/roots around that will be pleased as punch if you rotivate the soil and make it easier for them to grow in it.
If the good bits of lawn outnumber the poor bits I would level the pot holes by filling them with top soil. Keeping a lawn weed free is an ongoing activity,applying seasonal dressings, digging out any weeds with tap roots or spooning table salt onto the centre of offending weeds (this kills the plants effectively but nothing will regrow that season, not even the grass).
However, if the poor bits outnumber the good bits it may be better to lift it all, level it and reseed or lay turf.

26 Apr, 2009

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