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The tag Is saying 20 dgrees F or - 7 C. Where I have It now is up against a corner of the house I think It's a southern exposer and has a partial part of the roof over It. I could put it next to the deck with better protection but then It wil not get enough sun. Our winter's here are not relly consistant.Like a lot of people, we have had a mild winter but I cant say how It will go for the following winter



which plant are you hoping to grow?
Many plants seem to manage to overcome the weather especially if they have a micro-climate that just protects them.

8 Apr, 2012


I'm sorry, I have a Anglewing Jasmine

8 Apr, 2012


It's up to you whether you risk it or not - obviously it does much better in full sun, but whether it will come through the winter outside, partially under shelter or not, depends on how bad the winter is.

8 Apr, 2012

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