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HI, I live In Arkansa zone 7 and have purchased a anglewing Jasmine, I was told To bring It In for the winter but just read that It can be hardy down to 20 degrees. Which is right? Thank you. Leslie



Hello leslie ... By 20 degrees hardy, do you mean farenheit which is about -6 centigrade.? If your winters are around this or colder then you need to bring it indoors to prevent it 'burning' and then dying off in the cold. Do you have a coolish to warm area where you can plant it, to save moving it back and forth?

7 Apr, 2012


This plant (Jasmine nitidum) is only hardy in US zones 10 and up, so you will need to bring under cover for winter.

8 Apr, 2012


The tag Is saying 20 dgrees F or - 7 C. Where I have It now is up against a corner of the house I think It's a southern exposer and has a partial part of the roof over It. I could put it next to the deck with better protection but then It wil not get enough sun. Our winter's here are not relly consistant.Like a lot of people, we have had a mild winter but I cant say how It will go for the following winter.

8 Apr, 2012

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