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Help pls, need to plant bare-root rose!

I have a bare-root rose that was slow in being delivered, I expected it to arrive in early March. Then, of course, the dry weather hit. I have waited a week but its not looking to get any better, just endless sunny days! The rose is in water as they advised me, but I don't think hold off planting any longer. What can I do to maximise its chances of survival? Thanks.



You do not keep bare rooted plants in water as they will drown. All you do if you cannot plant them right away is 'heal' them by putting damp soil around them. You can plant a bare root at anytime, you do not need to wait for a non-sunny day. Just dig a hole, add any fertilize that you choose then put the plant in the hole and fill it up. As long as you keep the rose well watered it will be fine. It will not be fine in water though.

6 Apr, 2012


Agree, should be planted immediately and kept well watered.

6 Apr, 2012


Thank you, I took it out of the water as soon as I saw the message. I am not sure why they suggested that! The damage may have been done, I will have to see.

9 Apr, 2012


Suppliers often suggest soaking the roots of bare rooted plants for 2 hours - they don't usually suggest it for longer though....

9 Apr, 2012

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