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By Waddy

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Hi, I've got two questions, if that's allowed.
The first is about my tomato plants. I bought two plants (outdoor variety) a couple of weeks ago. As they were very pot bound I repotted them in general multi- compost. During the recent warm weather I stood them outside, but allway brought them in doors at night. They were doing well, until this last few days when I notice that the ends of the lower leaves are going brown and curling over. I can't see any sign of 'bugs' and none of the upper leaves seem affected.
My second question concerns a GERBER I was bought as a Mothers Day prezzie. This was also pot bound,so has been repotted. However a couple of days ago it just 'flopped' It's not been in direct sunlight and has been allowed to almost dry out before watering. Help on either problem would be very welcome.



the tomato losing the bottom leaves isnt a problem. they wont have any bugs, possibly sunscorch or wind burn. but as the plant ages the oldest leaves have done their job and die off.

As for the gerbera, not sure. If the roots were damaged when you repotted then it is probably wilted as it hasnt been abe to take in water. give it a good soak but dont leave it standing in water.

31 Mar, 2012


A few possibilities with the Gerbera:
If it was allowed to wilt a little before it was watered again, they can only take so much of that kind of treatment before they refuse to forgive you!
If, when it was transplanted, it was put even 1/2 cm too deep, crown rot has likely claimed it.
Also, if it was put into a pot more than 5 cm bigger than the one it was in, the chances of getting crown rot multiply.

31 Mar, 2012


Thanks guys. At least I know the tomatoes are ok
As for the Gerber, its compost is still damp, I'm not sure I dare soak it just yet.
The pot I used to repot was only the next size up and I left the crown on the surface, only adding compost to the bottom and sides of the new pot. Also Ive not let wilt before watering, but checked the compost daily and watered it when it had dried out a little, as it said to do on the label.

31 Mar, 2012


Just remember to keep your tomato plants watered Waddy... and once they start to flower and set trusses feed with liquid tomato feed.

31 Mar, 2012


Will do! Thanks. Tomatoes are a first for me, so its a bit of a learning curve.

31 Mar, 2012

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