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What is this evergreen and how can I take cuttings from it to grow on?

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One of the Euonymus japonica varigated types. Any piece from the plant will root in cutting compost.

31 Mar, 2012



I normally take 2-3 inch cuttings where the bottom of the stem is semi ripe . Remove the bottom two leaves and place in a 2-3 inch pot or several to a 5 inch pot . You can dip the base of the cutting in rooting compound but with euonymus that isn't really necessary.

Use a mix of 3 parts potting compost to one part horticultural sand or perlite (sharp sand not builders sand) and place in a shaded coldframe or shady spot.

They'll take from Spring to Autumn but I find May - August best.

31 Mar, 2012

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