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what is this?

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What is this? I adopted this plant 6 years ago when a friend had almost cared it to "death" it made a flower/seedpod???? Have asked everyone I can think of and no one knows what this is.....

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No idea but isn't it spectacular!

30 Mar, 2012


yes and it is now 30 inches tall and growing

30 Mar, 2012


My first thought was it was a fruit from a cheese plant but after seeing the plant, im totally stumped !!!

30 Mar, 2012


I am happy to see the responses and still hoping someone will know. Thnak you all for looking.

30 Mar, 2012


It's a ZZ plant (Zamioculcus zamiifolia), and it's in the same family as cheese plant (Arum family). Unlike the cheese plant, though, the fruit is not edible.

31 Mar, 2012 this ZZ plant then a common plant? Where does it originate?

31 Mar, 2012


We sell a lot of them where I work, both as houseplants, and to grow outside in the shade, though they probably won't take winters any harder than ours are in Phoenix. I'll have to look up where they're from....According to Wikipedia, it's native to east Africa, from Kenya to northeastern South Africa.

31 Mar, 2012

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