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My rose campion didn't grow or bloom last year.

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Planted them in spring and they neither grew or died. Just stayed like small silver hostas. Is this normal the first year or am I doing something wrong?

On plant Lychnis coronaria



Strange. They usually shoot up. Did they get enough water?

18 Apr, 2009


Hello ...........mine were the same, but are growing on great this I'm hoping for flower stems soon. I grew mine from seed last year. Sometimes they look a bit wilted and am suprised by the water they need, as I thought they were suitable for a hot dry area.

18 Apr, 2009


some of mine stayed static others flowered. all are growing great this year. mine are in chalky well drained poor soil!

18 Apr, 2009


If i am not mistaken i think most varieties are classed as short lived perennials/bianuals, they are not completely true to either. i think this is quite normal, that some have flowered first year and some have'nt and i think it depends on the time of year that you planted/sowed them as to weather they will flower in the first year. so don't worry i am sure they won't disapoint you this year, they are fabulous once they get going, but don't forget to take some seed to keep them going in your garden, as they can die off after a couple of years. hope this helps.

19 Apr, 2009

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