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Does somebody have experience with growing Goji? I bought one shrub, but read sometimes contradictory data in magazines what this shrub needs...Thank you.



Not sure if you can call it experience but trying one myself ... last/first year had very few flowers, but this year have loads more. They need good support and space, and loads of feed verging on the slightly acid side, bit like roses. Keep you posted!!

1 Apr, 2012


Thank you for sharing your experience. If you say that they bloomed last year, does it mean, the shrub was older when you bought it? I read they bloom after several years for the first time. Then what does it mean enough space? Mine has 0,5 meter x 2 metres free space around. What fertilizer do you use, please? Again- I just read, having no experience, that it must be cow manure. Is it true?

2 Apr, 2012


Hello Katarina ... the plant I bought last year was one year old, though flowering that year was sparse as said. This year things look better as I have more flowers and a bush about 1m x 0.75m. Cow manure may be too strong, ie alkaline. Without knowing your soil fertility and ph value, I can suggest the following ... Do you have a wood burner or log stove? Pure wood ash has some potassium content that is good for flowers and the ash residue will provide a slightly acid content for the soil and also help improve the structure of the soil ... Dig in around the plant a bucket of wood ash twice during the growing season, ie now and in a couple of months. If you can get it, then suggest a basic ericaceous feed. Best wishes!

2 Apr, 2012


Thank you very much :)

2 Apr, 2012

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