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Does anyone have any tips of an inexpensive and yet humane way of detering the neighbourhood cats from using my garden as a toilet. I have tried putting Orange peel out ( to the delight of the million ants in my gardens ) I have even planted a Curry plant out there, which I was told was an effective measure, but alas neither of these methods has detered them from still using it as their local convenience. So any and all suggestions will be most welcome not to mention helpful please.



I was going to suggest you might use a heron scarer only to find it is being sold on Amazon as useful against cats and dogs as well as herons.

It's a motion sensitive sprinkler to fit on your hose. Just remember to turn it off when you go out to do some gardening.

Put 'Motion Activated Pest Jet Spray Repeller' into Amazon's search box.

17 Apr, 2009


Thank you Thepoisonqa.. for your suggestion but I should have mentioned that I don't have a hose nor an outside tap, I would have to fix a hose ( if I had one) to the bathroom tap as I live in a flat and there is nowhere to put an outside tap, I wish it could have been that simple. I do however thank you for your answer.

17 Apr, 2009


found these on ebay. dont know how good they are though.

the second one im sure you can get from betterware or kleeneze too if you have someone in your area.

17 Apr, 2009


you can get a plant called 'scardey cat' think thats its name (coleus canina from 'Blooming Direct') it has a scent that cats do not like apparently and has blue flowers.
I also use a water pistol!!!!

17 Apr, 2009


My neighbour told me to soak used teabags in Jeyes Fluid and scatter them around the garden, which I now do. I haven't had much of a problem since I must say, however I do have a dog which might help (though she loves cats!).

17 Apr, 2009


this question comes up quite often, Labyrs50 (not that I mind replying!) so after looking at these suggestions, you could try doing a search on past tips.
One of the best ideas is to go on the attack and buy a good water pistol to shoot at the offenders when you see them. Gets rid of some frustration too!

17 Apr, 2009


Thank you everyone for all your very good suggestions, I really appreciate your help, and yes Weeding thank you I will look back on previous suggestions when others have asked too. It should have occurred to me that others would have asked the same question, I imagine I am no different from anyone else who think ones problem is I do have a spray bottle that when I am out in the garden, I first of all threaten them with it, if they stand their ground, then I start spraying. My problem is they have got wise to me, now they only come in the garden when I'm not in it and do their dirty deed, such as in the dead of night or when I'm out. Crafty little

17 Apr, 2009


a spud gun does a similar job its the noise that scares them and you have the satisfaction of 'shooting them' with out doing harm.

18 Apr, 2009


Lol Seaburngirl, I'll look around for one.

18 Apr, 2009

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