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Carex and Uncinia - evergreen varieties
It is recommended to remove faded or dead foliage...can these be cut back to ground level? A couple of them look a bit worse for wear and it would take an age to cut out all the damaged leaves.
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i do 'the fingers through the leaves' way this way old dead leaves come out. I also wear gloves to avoid the leaf edges giving e cuts like paper cuts . I think if you cut the then they stay with cut ends. See what others suggest Scottish.

18 Mar, 2012


I cut my uncinias right back to ground level - they soon regrow

18 Mar, 2012


I agree, just run your hands through and the yellow leaves should fall out. Quite therapeutic. I have Carex frosted curls and it sometimes grows too long and gets matted, I just cut it to stop it looking a complete mess.

18 Mar, 2012


Thank you all!

18 Mar, 2012

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