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What is the best way to get rid of Yuccas? We inherited them in our border and despite many attempts to eradicate them, they always seem to appear again; they have very resilient root systems! Will round-up do the trick?



using a weed killer could possibly kill any other plants in the near area where your yuccas are, be careful! about the yuccas i have no idea except to dig down deep and find all the roots!

16 Mar, 2012


Deep digging is about the most reliable answer. I would dig out the area about 1/2 meter deep, put each shovel full on a tarp, break it up, and search for roots.
If other plants are growing nearby which you don't want to dig up, try cutting out the center of a Yucca rosette, and putting a ml or two of SBK on the fresh wound, trying not to get it on the soil. You may have to do this several times over the next year or two, but it should eventually give up.

16 Mar, 2012

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