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Can I cut my conifer down to size?


By Lolly

london, United Kingdom Gb

i have a conifer tree in my front garden and need to cut it down in size so it will be more managable



Hi Lolly - be careful if you are going to take a lot off your conifer - conifers don't regenerate from old wood - if it's brown now it's staying brown! Just an idea, but sometimes an interesting effect can be achieved if you completely remove all the lower branches to make the conifer look more like a tree in appearance. This would create an opportunity to plant things underneath it if it is not too shady and dry. Be careful tho, sometimes this can look a bit naff!

20 Apr, 2008


Would be usefull to know what sort of conifer - can you post a pic ?

20 Apr, 2008


thanks for your replies. will trim with care sid. let you know how it fares.

22 Apr, 2008

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