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Companion planting for Stipa tenuissima


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone suggest some plants to put with my stipa tennuissima in a bed I have just planted?

On plant Stipa tenuissima (Feather grass)




Hi Andrea - I;m doing a 'Prairie' style bed this year - I'm using Stipa tenuissima as the grass base (currently growing from seed) and planting lots of Echinaceas through it. Also got a single yellow Rudbeckia in there, a daylilly and a few other bits and bobs. Not done this sort of thing before, tho, so don't know if it will work out as expected! I've not taken any pictures of it all yet, but will do so eventually...

19 Apr, 2008


Does it get sun? How about Verbena Bonariensis or V.rigida? They are prairie-type plants too, to add to Sid's list. Annual Rudbeckias or Gazanias would look bright and cheerful, or if you want a fluffy look, what about Nigella? You can get pink, white and shade of blue now AND they seed themselves! If you don't like the prairie or fluffy looks, how about Penstemons - they would look lovely in that bed.

19 Apr, 2008


Thanks there are lots of suugestions there for me to try!
Would love to see pictures of yours Sid when you have some.

20 Apr, 2008

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