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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

I have viburnum along one entire side of the house, and here is a large rhododenren that is intertwining the viburnum. Should I do something to separate them while I still can?




Hi Harli personally I d wait till rhododendron finished flowering.Moved
a large specimen last year about to flower this year.A good time to move larger shrubs is early autumn when soil still relatively warm and less chance of drying out.

18 Apr, 2008


Thank you Bonkersbon, I will wait until Fall then.

18 Apr, 2008


Why do you want to separate them? If they are happy together and you like them like that, I would leave well alone! If the Rhododendron is a big one, it will be quite a job and it might not be happy in its new home - so a small risk moving it. Otherwise, if you really want to move it, follow Bonkers' advice.

19 Apr, 2008


Rhododendrons grow best under the canopy of trees providing them with dappled shade.The viburnum will smother its leaf and flowering potential pushing it further forward as it already appears to be in photo.If happy with this effect then ok but if you dont want to move rhodo then consider cutting viburnum back to allow it to breathe .

19 Apr, 2008


Spritz ~ I only wanted to separate them so each would get their fair share to grow. I have so much viburnum, perhaps I will just cut it back a tad bit, so the Rhodie isn't smothered.

19 Apr, 2008

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