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I'm looking for a tree that will provide my garden with some privacy from the neighbours overlooking windows (sulky teenagers bedroom) but without casting too much shade (ie not too dense). Any ideas on suitable trees?

Must either be fast growing or available to purchase at a reasonable height (8ft ish initially perhaps) and at a reasonable price - under £100!



Good luck! Hope your garden is big enough to take a largish tree...

23 Feb, 2012


Hopefully will be big enough, garden is approx 30 m long x 10m.

In the right position it should nearly entirely block his view of our garden.

23 Feb, 2012


Sulky teenagers grow and move on faster than trees..! Stags Horn may fit the bill though.

23 Feb, 2012


Trees take a long time to bush out even if you buy an 8ft one. Bamboo is a better bet as you can buy them 8ft for about £20-50 and they bush out quickly.

24 Feb, 2012


They also attempt to take over your garden

24 Feb, 2012


Thanks for suggestions so far. Unfortunately this sulky teenager shows little sign of growing up or moving on, neither do his delightful parents sadly!

24 Feb, 2012


Ahh, Know the type Ashb. Could a pergola and trellis be an option?

24 Feb, 2012

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