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Dryed ends on conifers

durham, United Kingdom

My conifers in planters have started to get what looks like dryed dead ends on the end of them.Ive just repotted them a few weeks ago and wondered if that could be a factor?.Ive had them about 3 years and they are 3-4 foot tall and ive never noticed dry ends before,could anyone give me any advice about this please.



Its mostly likely transplant shock, conifers are prone to it and extremes of temperature and drying winds could be the cause, has your weather been eratic lately ? Make sure they are well watered and fed and protect from gusty warm winds. They wont show signs of recovery for a while, but they should recover given enough time.

Hope this helps.....


9 Apr, 2009


Sounds like wind burn to me too.

10 Apr, 2009

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