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Slimy pests


By Joey

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am having a terrible year growing anything with soft leaves and shoots as my garden is inundated with slugs. I am trying to encourage birds into the garden but my terrace of houses has a lot of cats so it is tricky. I have tried beer traps but I am not sure what else to try. Has anyone got any tips?



Hi Joey, garden centres and seed companies have something called nematodes which can be watered on and the parasite kills slugs, this can work out expensive if it's a large area. Ryton organic gardens use copper tape round beds and copper rings are available to protect individual plants. They like to hide in the shade behind plastic metal
brick or wood in damp places, check these areas and collect them up.Snails tend to gather together follow their trails home. Turn the soil when dry to expose eggs to dehydration, .or before a hard frost if you get them in your area. They thrive in this wet weather unfortunately.

19 Jun, 2007


Thanks for the advice - I was worried about nematodes because of the expense but I think I will try out the copper idea on my veggies in pots... it HAS to be worth it. I have been tempted to go out at night with a bag of salt...

19 Jun, 2007

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