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Wisteria and draught


By Horner

London, United Kingdom Gb

Wisteria is an incredibly hardly plant back home in Georgia. Even during draughts, it still blooms. On my balcony in the UK there is a large one growing. This past summer, it did not bloom, I assume because of the draught. Already this year, it started to bud. With the recent frost the buds fell off.

Since the stems are very small, is it likely to survive? Do I need to do something special to help it along this year?

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Is it in a pot? if so, give it a good balanced feed, then feed it regularly (weekly) with a high flower feed from april onwards. Return to balanced feed after it has flowered until autumn. If it is in the ground it may also be worth feeding it if the soil is not really fertile. Also check it is getting enough moisture (especially if planted near a wall) add compost and a mulch to conserve the moisture. also if it is an un-named plant it may have been grown from seed and sometimes they just don't flower. Prune any tendrils growing off the main stem back to 3 buds, this will encourage it to form new stocky growth. Good luck!

18 Feb, 2007


Dear Hoya105,

Thank you for your answer. It is not in a pot and the soil in the ground is far from the best.

You suggest pruning tendrils off of the main stem. The thing is that there does not really seem to be a main stem. It is climbing up to the first floor of the building (and my balcony) but everything just seems to die back in the heat of the summer. Maybe I should just trim it far back and let it start again this year.

Thanks again!

18 Feb, 2007

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