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Burlap grow bags?

gwinnett county, georgia, United States Us

As many of you on GOY know I am in need of cheap containers for all those seedlings. My question is can I use small burlap bags as upright containers. We have been ordering green coffee and roasting it ourselves for years and it comes in small 10 lb burlap (jute) bags. I now have quite a collection and was wondering if they would work as a one season container for plants, similar to the grow bags some of you have.



I cant see why the burlap sacks wouldnt work for one season as sacks can be quite sturdy i they are not overfilled. ( I ended up with a lovely big weed growing from the open top of my all purpose compost sack that had been left all winter) I would probably 'double up' the sacks with one inside another then roll down the tops to give a firmer rim. and I would also try to get some water storing granules into the compost as I would think that the burlap would allow the soil inside to dry out faster than an impermeable plastic grow bag.
Great Idea - I try to grow in all sorts of left over containers.
Good luck with it.

6 Apr, 2009


Thanks Ducky,
Water storing granules sounds like a good idea, I'll try it.

6 Apr, 2009

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