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Dokens - can they come through membrane?

Lanarkshire,Scotland, United Kingdom

Should I expect these monstrosities to come through garden membrane and a hefty layer of large chipped bark???



Sorry - what are Dokens please?

14 Apr, 2008



15 Apr, 2008


Are they docks (rumex) ?
I put them in the same category of garden thugs as brambles, bindweed, ground ivy etc. I have a running battle with them in my veg garden; I have read somewhere that the seed can lie dormant for 50 years!

15 Apr, 2008


Sorry - 'Dokens' -this may be our Scottish name for's the only one I know!!! It is a fairly large vigorous weed with long coarse leaves and deep roots.....

16 Apr, 2008


My money is on it being the dock weed (rumex).
We are not the only ones fighting them, from this web-page:

Suffolk Council is battling with it too, along with every other County Council I suspect.

They list it as a 'noxious' weed which can damage road and pavement surfaces and obstruct drains, so I guess it wouldn't flinch at membrane & chipped bark !

I would suggest using systemic gel on the leaves as soon as they peak tthrough. Fingers crossed we'll both beat them into submission :-)

16 Apr, 2008


What a pain for you! We suffer from Winter Heliotrope here, it sounds lovely, doesn't it, but the roots are so deep that I can't dig them out! I cope by using a long-bladed trowel and pushing it down as far as I can to remove as much of the plant as I can whenever it pops up in my rose bed. A neighbour has laid a membrane but - yes, they came through!

16 Apr, 2008


My sincere apologies for the late response (busy in the garden) I can confirm that indeed the weed in my question IS Rumex !

5 Jun, 2008

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