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japonica flowering?


By Jenny_b

United Kingdom

Why doesn't my Chaenomeles (Japonica) not flower? 2 specimens planted against a south facing wall and a east facing wall. Pruning: I think I chopped off the ends of leggy branches in September.
If there are no flowers - when is the best time to prune the branches? Should I prune them down to just 2 buds/shoots for each stem?

On plant Chaenomeles japonica



Mine never did either, I ended up digging it up. No idea why though!

1 Apr, 2009


when do you prune it ? where did you plant it ?

1 Apr, 2009


Chaenomeles flower early in the year on growth made the previous year. By pruning in september, you are removing the wood that will carry the flowers. Wait until the flowers fade before cutting it back

1 Apr, 2009

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