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WILD GARLIC - getting rid?

How can I get rid of wild garlic forever, it is coming up through pea shingle, I have tried digging it out many times but it still comes up.

Is there any kind of weedkiller I can pour on it please??

On plant Allium canadense (Wild Garlic)



Hi Jan how big the area you need to treat? Doesnt sound as if theres a membrane under your shingle or if there is its split and ineffective. Is it feasible to rake back shingle and lay a weed supressing membrane?If not and must use weedkiller then Round -up good as also kills germinating seeds.This a last resort for many as try to avoid chemicals where possible.

14 Apr, 2008


Funny but at the moment I'm growing wild garlic from seed lol one person's worry is another ones love!

I have large areas of gravel around the gardens and have come up with an ideal way of suppressing unwanted things growing through it by first laying thick cardboard under the membrane and then adding the gravel on top, there is still the odd weed but by the time it reaches the top it's very tired to say the least and is removed with ease.
I try to use very little chemicals in my garden and like to do things the old fashion way and pull troublesum stuff up by hand but then again I'm one of those strange people that love weeding so don't class it as a

15 Apr, 2008

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