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What are the best conditions for cowslips.

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I have a wild section in my garden, with a shady area and some open patches, with grass. It is not the sunniest patch of ground. Where shall I put a cowslip I have just been given?

On plant Primula veris



in an area that is damp if at all possible... sunny is fine so long as it is not dry ground

30 Mar, 2009


agree with moongrower, mine are at the edge of my pond but i also have some in the part shaded border they do like it moist though. good luck!!

30 Mar, 2009


our local bypass is full of them, half way up the embankment but there are more on the sunny side. sunny for 1/2 the day. In the garden I have them on the edge of the tree canopy just catching the morning sun. but its quite dry.

30 Mar, 2009

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