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Why hasn't my Prunus incisa kojo no mai flowered for the second year running ?


By Swaami

United Kingdom Gb

It is 9 years old, whichis now over 6ft tall, and has given a superb display every year until 2008. It looks very healthy. I have a succesful rooted layer, from it, which is now flowering. I also have a young one (just 2x2ft which is currently flowering - so weather conditions (past or present) can't be to blame. The photo was taken in Spring 2007. HELP !

On plant Prunus incisa kojo no mai




Hi Swaami and welcome to GOY.

I know very little about these plants but as you have two younger plants which *are* in flower, I'm wondering whether 9 years old is just 'getting on a bit' for this plant. It seems that P. incisa is considered to be mature at about 3-4 years old. None of the references I've checked mention age-related problems with the Fuji cherry but the information you've given does tend to point that way.

Perhaps someone else will come into the discussion with some better info.

30 Mar, 2009


Hi! I agree with Peteg, there are several plants which "die" around the 10 year age, so it's a good job you have the cuttings. I would dig it up now and replant with some other plants. This seems to be a bit of a slow growing plant, but once the cuttings are bigger, you could then replace the plant to where the original was. By replanting with something else for a little while, it gives the soil a chance to rest. Btw, take this opportunity to dig in some compost.

30 Mar, 2009

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