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beans and carrots

mid glamorgan, United Kingdom

Hi everyone! Just wondering when can I start my runner beans...I want to start them off in small pots in the greenhouse, can I start them now and if so when do I put them in the garden. Also when can I sow my carrots?



Hi, I think it's fine to do beans in pots already, we've started some, tho not runners yet. I will soon. The only thing is to avoid frost - of course it's a bit of a gamble, as none of us know when the last frost will be gone, and will also depend on whether your garden is exposed or sheltered. On a mild year, that might have been it with the frosts, or a colder one, frosts could potentially happen for quite a few weeks to come (we had snow last April, for instance).*
Probably best to sow some beans in pots to plant out maybe in April if you like taking risks, and be prepared for second sowing a little while later - that way you might strike lucky but nor will you be too gutted to lose everything should we get another cold snap.
I don't know if carrots tolerate frost, prob not, but again, u r fine to sow in pots now really I would have thort.
What a rambling answer - sorry!

*in North Germany where we used to live, their rule of thumb was never before May 15th!

29 Mar, 2009


mine will go into pots next week. i plant them out mid May early june. but they are hardened off first.

29 Mar, 2009


we already have carrots growing in pot's in the greenhouse, but would suggest you wait till end april before you sow runner beans , in pot's , indoors , and harden off in may.

30 Mar, 2009

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