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By Elless

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I've had the tree surgeons in to take down a large cypress type tree which appeared to be dying. I also had 2 malus and a yew pruned. The logs are going to be kept for the open fire but if I shred the prunings can I use them as a mulch and should I include the yew? Also would I need to wait for a while before I use the mulch?



I would use the Cypress clippings in an instant, since they have insect repelling properties, like cedar. Yew is a little more problematic, since I seem to remember that they inhibit the growth of other plants, but I am having trouble tracking down references to that.

3 Dec, 2011


Hello. You can put mulch down 'green', or pile it in a heap, where it will slowly 'cook' to an even brown. All parts of a yew tree, except the red outer flesh of the berry, are highly toxic. The toxin does not reduce when the leaves die or dry out. Gloves should be worn when handling either the leaves or the wood. Horses particularly are susceptible. I cannot find a reference to the leaves inhibiting other plants, as such, but a tree surgeon friend said you can definitely expect it to act as a weed suppressant, which would be the same thing. All the conifers, pines etc make excellent weed suppressants under hedges for instance, or as natural paths. Hope this helps.

3 Dec, 2011


Thankyou both for your help. By the amount of mulch I'll have when I've finished shredding, I wont have any weeds in my garden next year. :) I wish.

4 Dec, 2011


Well, if nothing else, a good mulching sure makes weeding easier! : )

6 Dec, 2011

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