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Vine Weevils

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Emptied some of my pots and found some of the grubs (which the robin appreciated!!) - has anyone tried the stuff you water into your pots to kill the blighters (being polite you may notice) and would they go into the veggie beds and could I water the stuff on edible food? Any help much appreciated.



Yes, and it works. However, the active ingredient is deadly to bees and it kills them through the pollen which becomes poisonous to them. So, I stopped using it.
It is NOT recommended for use on edibles as the poison is taken into the tissue of the plant. I have never seen vine weevils attacking veg plants in the garden. Indeed they are much more a pot pest than a garden pest.
Try a. using a non peat beased compost. They do not like that as much and b. the nematodes which kill the grubs rather than a strong poison.

13 Apr, 2008


Thanks it is hard when they eat your plants.

13 Apr, 2008


Check out green gardener. They have advice and as in the name are green. I use the nematodes they are great and they look after the veg plot, the garden and my tubs and pots. I buy a programme that takes me through the season. I have only ever found a couple of vine weevils and I love to grow my own veg.


13 Apr, 2008


Green Gardener - is that on the web? or garden centre?

14 Apr, 2008

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