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My leeks have brown lines running down the outside of the white parts of the leek, by the time I have peeled off the affected layers there is very little of the leek remaining, what is the problem.
G H Smith



Leek rust? Too much nitrogen and not enough potash/potassium.

22 Nov, 2011


It's strange, that. I have noticed the same thing myself recently, and wondered if it could have been an EXCESS of potash, since we have been spreading loads of woodash on all our vegetable beds, and there has been so little rain to wash it away.

22 Nov, 2011


Potash is actually quite low in potassium, as I have learned from bamboo - though every bit helps! But leeks, like onions, don't like much nitrogen, ie organic matter, mulch, rich compost etc. Save that for your beans, and treat leeks, onion, garlic meaner.

22 Nov, 2011


PS: But add some potassium or onion fertlizer .

22 Nov, 2011

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