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Pathetic question, but how do you add an answered question to your favourites?



Hi Steragram..

Not a pathetic question at all !!!

I've often wanted to add a question to my favs..
... but there is no facility on GoY to do so ...

Maybe contact Peter and Ajay and suggest the idea ...

One way you could keep the question and answers, is copy and paste into your computer ..... e.g. on an email ...

I hope this helps :o)

17 Nov, 2011


I can use the favorites button on the pc to save a page, but I did look and although its tedious all my comments sent and recieved are in 'comments' on my home page

17 Nov, 2011


But sometimes people say "Great blog, (or question) I have added it to my favourites - what do they mean then?

17 Nov, 2011


You can add a blog or a photo to your favourites.
Is that what you wish to know how to do ?

17 Nov, 2011


I think Steragram would like to "Favorite " a Question.

I can Flag this Q or nominate it for GoYpedia.....But not favourite it.

17 Nov, 2011


It seems Steragram started off referring to making favourites of Questions, but then moved on to blogs etc.

To make a favourite of a photo or blog, just left click on "add to favourites" which is below the photos and/or blog text/pics.

I hope this helps :o)

17 Nov, 2011


Thank you all very much for your replies. So the reason I couldn't do it is that you can't do it. Simple really isn't it? :))) At least you can do it for blogs and photos, which explains why I was confused (happens very easily).

17 Nov, 2011


It would be useful to fave a Q though.

17 Nov, 2011


Sue,if you make a note of the month and year,when the question was asked.and the Question title,.you can refer back to it on ,at the right hand side,of the questions page..where it says .
."Archives" ..that is how I have done it in the past..although you have to go through a few to find the one you want..

17 Nov, 2011


You can bookmark the page . When the page you want is on screen go to the top of the page and click "bookmarks"

A large box will appear and second item down is a line which says "bookmark this page" Left click on it and another box will appear . Click "done" and it will appear at the bottom of the "bookmarks " page when you next click it.

Alternatively if you would like to save lots of questions you could create a document in word and call it something like "GOY questions"

Then whenever you want to add a question to that word document just copy and paste the URL( the address line of the internet page you're looking at) into the word document and you can add your own description of the question

So that page might look something like this.( You'd type :-

"How do you add an answered question to your favourites"

and then put in the link as follows:-

(If you look at the top of the page you're looking at now you'll see that the url is the same as the one I've just typed. In a word document that url will aitomatically turn blue and become a clickable link which will take you to the page concerned

I hope that's clear( not easy to describe stuff) but it really is two or three clicks and you're done.

If I've not made it clear. Do feel free to ask.

17 Nov, 2011


When I want to keep the info in a question and its answers I copy and paste them into Notepad and save it as a document in a file I called "Gardening Tips". Provided you call the document something relevent to the question you can find info again pretty easily. You could save the address (the url) of the page as well.

18 Nov, 2011


Some good ideas - thank you all very much for taking the trouble to answer. I am spoilt for choice! Anchorman, your instructions were very clear, and saving just the url is something I wouldn't have thought of.

18 Nov, 2011

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