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how do I care for my clivia

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I have just bought 2 Clivia lillies, the flowers have been broken off. I want to keep them indoors and then plant in the garden. When and where should i do this

On plant Clivia miniata



hello and welcome to GoY. I have always treated clivia as a house/conservatory plant. In good summers I put it outside in a pot but not in the ground. Perhaps other members can advise.

23 Mar, 2009


I've had problems with clivias getting sunburnt, they seem to take much longer than most other indoor plants to acclimatise when you put them outdoors in summer. Other plants seem to adapt to the outdoor sunshine after a week or two under protective fleece - you'd expect an African plant with succulent straplike leaves to love sunshine, but mine have suffered horribly from sunburn even after having had a fortnight under fleece to get used to the idea of being outdoors. I still move them outdoors when the weather warms up, but keep them in a place out of reach of direct sunlight.

23 Mar, 2009


I don't have a conservatory so when I inherited my mother's clivia miniata I told it to live outside and take its chance. I admit it IS in a sheltered part of the postage stamp I call "garden" but it's still alive and flourishing ten years later. It does get fleeced up in the worst of the weather (like we had in central England this winter) but otherwise I think the answer is to ignore it.

27 Mar, 2009

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