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By N3tyy

Lancashire, England Eng

Please can anyone tell me what this plant is???? It grows in shaded areas of the garden and I just love it.




It's an Aquilegia, commonly called Columbine or Granny's Bonnets. Don't know the variety , but it's gorgeous and they are hardy perennials. They seed themselves around the garden, too.

8 Nov, 2011


Thank you. I have a couple one is a reddish colour. I want to have lots more. Do you know if I can collect the seeds and grow them myself ??

8 Nov, 2011


Yes you can or they usually self seed and pop up all over the place. They won't all come up the origional colours but usually a mixture.

8 Nov, 2011


Thanks Cammomile. Looking forward to seeing lots more next year. I love that the Bees love them too !!

8 Nov, 2011


These are very pretty ones indeed - never seen any quite like them. I hope you get some coming true.

9 Nov, 2011


Wilkinson's do aquilegia seeds very cheaply (50p per packet) I usually get 50-100 plants from each pack in a wide range of colours

10 Nov, 2011


Really Anchorman, great price - Tony will be so happy about that, another excuse to go to Wilkinson's, and I benefit too, thank you ;o)

11 Nov, 2011


I have been looking for that colour, its just gorgeous, I am off to wilkinsons, happy gardening.

15 Nov, 2011


You too Patricia Hope you get them :o)

15 Nov, 2011


I doubt you'll find aquilegis seeds in wilkinsons at this time of year as most if not all the gardening stuff has gone to be replasced by Christmas tat! ...Bah humbug! :^)

The seeds will be back in in February or March just in time for planting.With aquilegia I find about 25% flower later in the year of planting and the rest the following year

15 Nov, 2011


Mmm never thought about that Anchorman!! Well at least we will be able to get them next year !! Oh my goodness just realised Feb is only 11 weeks away :o/ Then countdown to Spring :o))))))

16 Nov, 2011

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