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Brambles/under trees


By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I have mentioned the local volunteer group before, . Pollarding and making little fences here and there. But I wonder if someone can confirm why the brambles that used to be at the back of our fence in the longer grow.The volunteer said that the reason the brambles have gone is because we had planted a Mulberry tree just inside the wood and it wasn't indiginous to the wood therefore the umbrella it forms stops anything growing underneath it! (We planted it about 25 years ago and grew it from seed).So how come the brambles ,which are obviously a deterrent to burglars still grow underneath all the other trees in the wood? Is he right? There a challenge for someone!! Thanks to all



if the tree is 25yrs old and you used to have brambles before it could be down to dryness. having said that brambles grow up & through a very old yew tree in my garden without too much trouble. did the volunteer group spray the area with weed killer and could this be the cause?
some plants do exude chemicals to deter other plants from germinating but you would have had this right from the outset. aleopathy, i think thats the name of it. spelling might be dodgy!

21 Mar, 2009

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